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Trust Formation

A & P Intertrust Corporation
Ontario. Offers incorporation services in Canada, US, and several traditional tax havens. Includes customer testimonials.

A Offshore Advantage
Free offshore newsletter regarding privacy, asset protection, tax havens, offshore banking and investing.

A2i Consulting
Geneva. Describes offshore banking and international investment management services offered. [English/Hebrew/Russian/French]

Abacus Trust Company Limited
Isle of Man. Trust administration, taxation services, and international employee benefit and retirement plans. Details services offered and company history, as well as employment opportunities.

Absolute Costa Rica
Tax shelters, off-shore companies, other related legal services.

Advantage Finance Ltd.
British Virgin Islands alternative high yield investment company. Technically driven and designed for the Internet community.

Alexander Lawson
Accountants and auditors.

Anglo Irish Trust
Providing asset protection, wealth management, corporate, expatriate and professional intermediary services

Argon Limited
Forms international companies, trusts, banks and mutual funds in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Arnold S. Goldstein & Associates, P.A.
Law firm offering offshore asset protection and wealth preservation services.

Artha Trust Reg
Liechtenstein. Company and trust formation and administration. Gives services offered and general information on regulatory environment. [English/German]

Asset Protection News
Index of a newsletter devoted to offshore trusts and asset protection.

Asset Protection Plus
Shows how to Protect your assets and gain financial privacy.

Atrium Incorporators Worldwide Ltd.
Offices in Londond and Cascais. Offers company formation and related services. Includes glossary and information on incorporation in the UK and Portugal.

Ballinphort Corporation
Information about incorporatiion in Nevada and offshore business formations.

Bank Wizard
Provides offshore banking and credit cards for those with adverse credit.

Basel Trust Corporation
Provides international clients with a comprehensive range of trustee and offshore corporate services, based in Jersey, Channel Islands, British Isles.

Beaumont Corporation Ltd.
Nevis. Offers company registration and administrative services. Lists fees and gives information on the advantages of registering corporations and trusts in the country.

Belize Multiservices, Inc.
Provides offshore incorporation, offshore trusts, banking and investment opportunities.

Belize Tax Haven
Offshore accounts, online banking, trust and company formations in the tax haven of Belize.

Ben Rubi & co.
Formation and management of offshore companies in Panama.

Bennett, Bernstein and Partners
Offers incorporation, and tax planning and accounting services. Describes jurisdictions and available investments. [English/Russian]

C&A Partners
Offers company registration in Ukraine and other jurisdictions, as well as management services. Describes fees and restrictions. [English/Russian]

Cabinet Heywood
Information on offshore investments and tax strategies in France.

Capital Asset Management Associates, Inc.
Domestic and offshore businesses and trusts formed.

Carib Offshore
Offshore investing and asset protection programs through the use of investment backed insurance products.

Caribbean Citizenship Program
Provides incorporation, investment services and offshore bank formation in Dominica and Grenada.

Carlton Press
International publisher and supplier of offshore privacy products and services.

Cash Privacy
Provides Offshore Cirrus ATM cards, and anonymous banking tools for cash withdrawal.

Castletown Insurance Services
Isle of Man. Offers specialized products to provide offshore risk management solutions to clients from a variety of jurisdictions. Describes staff and services, with discussion of advantages of various offshore domiciles.

Cayman-Hong Kong
Provides Hong Kong and offshore incorporation services.

Charterhouse Lombard Limited
Charterhouse Lombard delivers secure offshore company formation, management and related services for clients requiring confidential, wealth protection and tax planning solutions.

Offers a range of offshore company and trust management services.

Chesterfield Offshore Management
Offshore payroll company management, formation and offshore banking for expatriates and contractors.

Claridges Trustees Limited
Guernsey and Mauritius. Offers trust formation and management, accountancy, and marine registration services. Describes company structure and lists principals.

Commercial Services Bureau (CSB)
Malta. Provides services such as debt recovery, nominee directorship, and offshore office residence. Describes company history and principals, with details of services offered.

Compagne Matred
Offshore structuring, banking, asset protection and total offshore privacy.

Company Express
Provides offshore company formation and corporate structuring.

Constantinou & Kyriacou
Accounting firm offers company formation services from offices in Moscow and Cyprus. Describes services, prices, and partners. [English/German]

Consum Corporate Agents
Offshore services.

Corporate Premier
Incorporation and administration of offshore companies in all major jurisdictions.

Corporate Solutions
Offers company formation services, offshore banking and tax planning structures from offices in Switzerland, England, and Estonia. Includes tax dictionary and tables of tax rates by country.

Creaway Group
Provides offshore company formation, merchants accounts, banking and tax planning services.

Credit Solutions
Provides financial services and products for the UK and offshore.

Cronos Privacy Services Ltd
Offers offshore company formation, personal and company bank accounts, and mail forwarding services.

Crystal WorldWide Ltd.
Company formation and administration. Details services, fees, and characteristics of jurisdictions. [English/Hungarian/Russian/Slovenian/Serbian/Croatian]

Delos IV
Offshore corporation offers corporate and trusts services.

EBM International
Provides offshore incorporation and private banking in Monaco, Andorra or Gibraltar.

Elan Corporate Services Limited
Registered in British Virgin Islands. Describes services offered, including company formation and administration, fund registration, and e-commerce merchant facilities.

British Virgin Islands. Incorporation of international business companies, investment and portfolio management, bank accounts, and ecommerce solutions. Describes company and services offered.

Equal Trust
Provides offshore services, tax planning and trusts.

Equity Development Group
Provides offshore banking and investment services in the Bahamas.

Fidelity Corporate Services
Seychelles. Company registration and support. Includes fees and list of shelf corporations available. [English/French/German/Russian]

First Advisor
Provides offshore company formation and legal offshore asset protection.

First Fidelity Trust, Ltd.
Specializing in asset protection, trust, and offshore companies.

First Offshore Management
Registered in Dubai. Offers company formation and management. Describes advantages of this jurisdiction and gives fees and timeline for incorporation.

G. Jaywant Naidu and Co
Offers services to incorporate in Hyderabad, India.

Gabinet de Consulting Internacional
Andorra. Company formation and administration. Includes list of services offered and contact information. [English/Spanish]

Garrett Publishing
Strategies for offshore havens, IRS resolution and asset protection planning.

Gold Haven
Guidance in setting up offshore investments, corporations, trusts.
Portal of offshore jurisdictions, with general information on banking, citizenship, and company formation.

Guardian Financial Services, Inc.
Provides incorporation services in the United States and in offshore jurisdictions.

Henley and Partners
Consulting firm for exclusive private residence offshore solutions and international tax planning.

Henson Group SA
Zurich. Offers incorporation, offshore banking, and related management and administration services. Describes products and prices. [English/French]

HR Independent Financial Services Ltd
Mortgages, insurance, pensions and savings for UK expatriates. Describes services and provides links to regulators and fund evaluators.

IBC Services, Inc.
Provides offshore banking and company formations in The Commonwealth of Dominica.

Providers of offshore e-commerce and server hosting in Jersey, British Isles.

Offers consulting and services on taxation, insurance and financing. Describes example corporate structures. [English/French/Italian/Spanish]

IFG Group Plc
Trust and company formation, management services, and consultation on outsourcing. Describes services and office locations.

ILS World
Establishs and administers offshore corporations and trusts.

IMA (Jersey) Ltd
Private ooffshore finance company, domiciled in St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Inpact International
Chartered accountants specialising in all forms of accountancy and audit, offshore company formation, taxation issues, consulting Services.

Offers tax-optimizing business structures and administrative services from offices in Geneva, New York, and London. Describes services and defines common terminology. [English/French]

InterIsland Accountancy
Offshore corporations and tax shelters in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

International Business Services Limited (IBS)
Offers incorporation and company management in the US, Canada, and Cyprus. Includes alerts of frauds and regulatory issues.

International Company Services Ltd
An extensive range of offshore services worldwide.

International Corporate Advisors L.L.C
US. Corporation and trust formation. Describes services and advantages of various jurisdictions.

International Financial Center & Exchange
Provides non-U.S. financial intermediaries and their clients, access to global financial markets, products and services.

International Law and Corporate Services
A firm that offers business services in connection with company formation and administration, intellectual property protection; ship, yacht and aircraft registration.

International Management Trust (IMT)
Jersey. Offshore trusts, tax planning, and management of offshore investments. Describes services and staff.

International Merchant Finance Limited
Providers of international trade finance services and facilities.

Irish Permanent International
Provides offshore financial services from the Isle of Man.

J.S. Archibald Group
Provides offshore company formation and trust related services.

Jayga Ltd
Specializes in offshore company formations, trusts, banking and business finance.

Jersey Trust Company
Provides offshore trust and company formation in Jersey.

Judicatum Consultations
Cost effective offshore companies and legal offshore asset protection, offshore estate planning and offshore tax reduction strategies for the offshore investment community

Kaizen Secretaries Limited
Hong Kong. Company and trust formation, and bank accounts. Lists jurisdictions available and fees. [English/Chinese]

Leeward Fund Management
Registered in Nevis. Describes offshore financial planning, investment advice and asset management services offered. [English/Dutch]

Liberty Enterprises
Company and trust formation, as well as assistance in opening offshore bank accounts. Gives company background and details of services.

Liechtenstein Offshore Trust
Fiduciary and financial offshore trust services.

Lloyds Offshore Bank
Provides offshore banking services to UK expatriates, UK residents and non-British Nationals.
Information on offshore investing and taxation.

Mandarin Pacific Financial Group
Offices in Hong Kong, London, and Shanghai. Provides offshore company formations, yacht and ship registration, and fiduciary services. Includes company news, details of services, and career opportunities.

Manivest Asia
Provides legal and accounting consulting services for offshore investors who are interested in Asia. Offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Macau. [English/Chinese]

Maritime International Ltd.
MIL offers offshore companies,trusts,banking & trading accounts in eleven major offshore financial centres.

Meyado International Limited
Offshore investment opportunities to expatriates.

Minerva Financial Services
Formation and ongoing administration of trusts and companies registered in Jersey and other jurisdictions. Describes services, key personnel, and fees.

Morgan Chapel
Brokers offer direct offshore investing services.

Nationwide International
Provides offshore banking and expatriate savings accounts. Corporation
Provides offshore company formations and related professional services in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

OCRA Worldwide
Provides offshore company formation, tax planning and related services from over 20 international offices.

Offshore Corporate Administration
Offshore incorporation and corporate legal services for The Bahamas, BVI, Niue, Panama and Seychelles.

Offshore Corporate Services
Provides corporate management and administrative services to offshore businesses in Barbados. Gives company history and pricing information.

Offshore Experts
Asset protection services, incorporation of Belize IBC's, and preparation of Belize offshore trusts.

Offshore Financial Advisers
Advises expatriates and foreign residents on their personal financial affairs.

Offshore Financial Freedom, Inc.
Offshore bank accounts, incorporating services, asset protection trusts. Message board and free report.

Offshore Fox
Articles generally explaining offshore corporation and financial privacy strategies.

Offshore Press, Inc.
Consultation for asset protection and international tax law.

Offshore Tax Havens
Offers complete offshore merchant account solutions, offshore banking and incorporation, and a turnkey casino business.

Offshore, Inc
Offers offshore incorporations, accounts, and services.
Provides information on many aspects of offshore e-commerce.
Provides offshore banking, second passports, and administration services.

OFS Asia Ltd.
Offshore investment information for expatriates.

Online International Fiduciary
Provides offshore incorporation and privacy services.

OPM Corporation
Offers financial consulting and legal services from offices in Brazil, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. [English/Spanish/Italian/French/German/Portuguese]

Otero, Otero & Asociados
Establishing and administering offshore companies worldwide. Free Trade Zones.

Overseas Incorporation Services, Inc.
Panama. Trust and corporation formation, with assistance in banking, yacht registration, and immigration. Describes services and fees.

Panama Corporations
Provides a range of offshore financial services including asset protection and income tax reduction.

Panama Wholesale Offshore Services
Financial and corporate services. Provides details of fees and company credentials.

Pinnacle St. Lucia
Offshore company formation and financial services.
Provides offshore insurance, estate planning and tax planning services.

Prime Global
Offers asset protection through offshore investments.

Prime Management Limited Fund Administration
Provides administrative services to offshore hedge funds and mutual funds.

Privacy Solutions
Offshore company formation. Non resident and anonymous bank accounts

Information guide on offshore banking, second passports, and asset protection.

Professional Portfolio International (PPI)
Bangkok, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur. Describes services offered and company history, with recent investing news.

Remadaro Finanz AG
Swiss company provides private banking and financial service worldwide.

Richard & Partners Group
Provides offshore banking, incorpration and management of companies.

Sabourin and Sun, Inc.
Provides international offshore strategies, tax advice, and investment news.

Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA)
Directory of offshore services and local financial providers provided by local government.

Shiaeles Chamber and Co.
Law firm dealing with the formation and administration of offshore companies.

Shirley Trust Company Ltd.
British Virgin Islands. Company history and profile, asset protection service details, and contact information.

SloGold Inc.
Services for offshore trusts. Incorporation of offshore and onshore companies and bank formation.

Sofitel Capital Inc.
Provides project financing in global emerging markets and developing nations.

Sovereign Management Services, S.A.
Panama. Offshore company formation, bank account set-up, and management services. Details products provided and advantage of domiciling in the country.

Squirrel Your Nuts Offshore Investments Ltd
Discounts on offshore investments.

St. Lucia Offshore Services
Offshore banking, mutual funds, and trusts.

STAR Financial Management Ltd.
Offers research and portfolio management services from offices in Tokyo and London. Gives basic information on available offshore funds. [English/Japanese]

Steverit Financial Services
Provides offshore company formation services in the Jersey Channel Islands.

Sun Life International
Tax-efficient offshore investments and tax shelters.

Swiss Annuities
Swiss annuities and other mid to long-term investments.

Tax Haven Reporter
Newsletter on international tax planning and asset protection. Book and newsletter publishers.

Tax Havens
Tax laws governing foreign investment by U.S taxpayers.

Offers bank accounts, company and trust formation, and credit and debit cards. Describes products offered by country, with information on business and tax impacts.

TaxPort USA Corp.
Offers foreign tax reclaim services to corporations doing business overseas.

The Expatriate Group Inc.
Provider of global tax and investment planning services.

The Global Solutions Group
Offers offshore licensed banks and financial companies for sale.

The IncomNetwork Ltd.
Offering offshore debt cards and secured credit cards.

The Interlaw Group
Based in Belize. Offers consultation, and incorporation and asset protection services. Offers information on jurisdictions and on firm's principals.

The Offshore Journal
Email news digest of the offshore community.

The Offshore Site
Provides private banking and trust services, including ship and yacht registration, and immigration. Information on products and jurisdictions.

The Sovereign Group
Set up and management of offshore and onshore companies and trusts to assist with tax planning and asset protection. Lists services offered, with description of corporate environment and fees by jurisdiction.

Thetaworld Corporation
Panama. Offers incorporations, financial services, swiss bank accounts, corporate bank accounts, mail drops available in several countries, includes contact information.

Trident Trust
Offshore services worldwide, with offices in key financial centres.

Triskelion Trust Company Limited
Isle of Man offshore corporate, trust and tax planning services.

Trust Coban International Corp
Provides offshore banking services in Montenegro.

TrustNet Group
International business company formations, trusts & mutual funds for asset protection and tax planning.

Unitrust Capital Corp.
Provides offshore company formation and services.

Utlands Juristen
Provides international tax planning with offshore incorporation and trusts.

Offshore company formation. Bank account opening, internet banking.

Webster Dyrud Mitchell
Provides offshore company and trust formations in Anguilla, British West Indies.

Wellington Shield
Offers range of onshore and offshore fiduciary, trust services and insurance solutions to other professionals and financial institutions.

Whitten Capital Group
Offers private banking, investment management, and financial and tax planning services. Describes products and office locations.
Directory of offshore banks and tax havens around the world.

Yorklyn Finance Ltd.
Provides a range of international offshore finance and related services.

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