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Charterhouse Group International
Offers a limited company structure for contractors, and invoicing service. Payments in any major international currency.

CLW Management
An umbrella company offering services for contractors by issuing invoices and distribution of funds.

Contractor Financials Ltd
Offers contractor mortgages, insurance, pension and life insurance.

Contractor Umbrella
Provides an administrative and payroll solution to IT contractor clients who do not wish to set up their own limited company.

CPM Group
Specialising in services designed for contractors for operation of their contract assignments. Includes administrative tasks.

DJColom accountancy
A management and payroll service designed for contractors.

Exchequer Solutions
Umbrella company, includes insurance and pension options.

Freelance Solutions Limited
Provider of contractual employment structures and their administration for individuals working on temporary assignments.

Green Lantern 35
Management service company for engineering, financial, and medical industry sectors.

IFL Management Limited
Umbrella company for IT, accountancy or engineering contractors. Includes program information and referral service.

Offering IT contracting and operating payroll services.

Orange & Gold
Offers umbrella services for contractors. Includes information on expenses and benefits.

Orange Genie
Includes calculation of tax, free references and advice on all aspects of umbrella payroll services.

Parasol IT
Services for consultants working in IT, engineering, pharmaceutical and other industry sectors.

PayPrompt Limited
Offers several programs that offer an online satisfaction survey as well as payment reminders.
Offering an Inland Revenue approved IR35 solution for computer contractors. Includes a net monthly salary calculator.

Trafalgar Accounting Solutions
Accountant firm specialising in umbrella solutions for IT Contractors, insurance, banking and IR35 advice.

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